You’ve Got Your Servers In The Cloud, So Why Not Your Documents?

The concept of cloud hosting is more than familiar to most IT professionals these days. First of all we had dumb terminals and mainframes, then the desktop PC arrived and this was quickly followed by servers, server rooms and data centres. Blades and SANs came next with corporate organisations either running their own server rooms or buying space in a data centre. Fast forward to the present day and traditional data centres are rapidly falling out of favour. The cost of storage has fallen sharply over the years and the concept of cloud hosting is now both familiar, practical and cost effective.

Average cost of 1GB

2016 $0.019
2015 $0.022
2014 $0.03
2013 $0.05
2010 $0.09
2005 $1.24
2000 $11.00
1995 $1,120
1990 $11,200
1985 $105,000
1980 $437,500

The concept of cloud hosting doesn’t have to stop at servers, networking and databases though. As the popularity of cloud applications grows, so the numbers available have increased and this is also true for electronic document management. Why dedicate a server and the resource to support it when you could have a document management system in the cloud?

DocuWare Cloud offers exactly this. A fully featured cloud based document management system with the option of unlimited users and flexibly extendable storage.

Pricing starts from as low as £129 per month.

DocuWare stores all your documents, regardless of their source or format, in a secure and organised manner, in a central document pool. One search quickly locates related documents right from your desktop. Authorised customers and partners can use the internet to view the documents they need.

You can find out more about DocuWare Cloud here.



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