DocuWare 6.7 has been released


DocuWare 6.7 has now been released.

Improving the user experience remains a top focus for DocuWare. This means the system can be introduced with little training at a customer’s and user acceptance is immediate. For example, the lazy loading process in Windows Explorer Client means that folders and documents are displayed more quickly. Only a portion of a document is loaded to begin with; the remainder can be added if needed. This process minimizes a user‘s wait time and helps ensure higher satisfaction.

Other Highlights of DocuWare Version 6.7:

  • Search through multiple file cabinets in Web Client
  • Viewer with integrated index dialog as new display option
  • Capture index data from document with one click
  • Performance improvement when storing with Connect to Outlook
  • Email notifications with attached document in Workflow Manager
  • Improved user interface for Workflow Designer
  • Import of Request containers
  • Improved Scan quality for PaperScan App
  • Mobile Apps can be connected via QR-code with DocuWare system

In addition, with Connect to Ricoh Version 2 there’s a new module for connecting over 250 types of Ricoh and comparable multi-function units. The configuration is handled centrally within DocuWare Configuration; even the installation on the devices can be managed directly from there. Filing with the scanner is made extra easy with select lists that appear right on the device’s display.


It started 15 years ago when DocuWare Windows Client was introduced; but the landscape is changing, and more and more consumer and business applications are now provided as cloud-services and web-based applications.

In 2014 DocuWare started providing a full-featured Web Client which in many areas has a more advanced feature set than the Windows Client. This is why DocuWare will stop selling the Windows Client at the beginning of this year. Now, we want to go the next step and bring DocuWare and the Web Client to the next level of performance, usability, and functionality. This requires several changes to the architecture of DocuWare which cannot be made available for Windows Client. For this reason DocuWare have decided that DocuWare Version 6.7 will be the last release that supports the Windows Client and the Windows Client will not be available in future releases.

DocuWare 6.7 will be available Q1/2015. Phone support and bug fixes for critical issues for DocuWare 6.7 will continue for one year, until support ends during Q1/2016.

Together with Windows Client the GAPI, JAPI, Web-Services and Toolkit interface won’t be available any longer. They will all be replaced by the powerful REST interface – “DocuWare Platform Services” and DocuWare URL integration. A change of any existing integrations is not required until at least Q1/2016 as all interfaces are available and supported until then (with DocuWare 6.7).

The benefits of these changes will be tremendous. Many compromises which we had to take because of Windows Client will be eliminated bringing huge improvements. DocuWare will be even more stable, scalable and will make a big step forward in performance. These improvements will be seen by both our DocuWare on-premise and DocuWare Online customers. With these improvements we will get the best DocuWare ever.


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