DocuWare 6.8 Has Arrived

With the upgrade to DocuWare 6.8 there are several important topics which you may have to prepare for depending on your usage of the following features:

1. Stamps with index assignments

When creating stamps in DocuWare Administration, there was the option of using IndexIDs to select index fields intended to be filled and/or changed by setting the stamp. From Version 6.8, assignment takes place via the field name in the database, also called “column name”. When updating to Version 6.8, changes are therefore made to the existing stamps.

 2. GAPI /JAPI + Web Service Support discontinued

As already communicated the Web Services and the GAPI / JAPI interface will no longer be supported with the version 6.8 of DocuWare. This will be replaced with the new, powerful REST interface “DocuWare Platform Services”.

3. Use DocuWare Import instead of Upload Service

With the next release, we will also be discontinuing the “Upload Service”. In order to retain the same benefits and features, simply make sure that you switch your applications to using “DocuWare Import”.

4. Update to DocuWare 6.8 from a version before DocuWare 6.5

In case you do not update from DocuWare version 6.5, 6.6 or 6.7 to version 6.8 but from a former version (6.0, 6.1), please read attentively the following information about the changes which came with DocuWare version 6.5. This is relevant also for your update and is available.

Further information and new subjects about the update you can find in a new category of our Support Solution Centre.

There is a full PDF with complete release notes available here.

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