Let DocuWare Show You The Advantages Of Electronic Invoice Processing

How can electronic invoices be handled in a way that saves time and reduces costs? A new video from DocuWare shows how invoices and associated records can be easily, efficiently administered with an electronic document management system. In just six minutes, you’ll get a get overview of today‘s best practices.

With an Electronic Document Management System the verification and payment authorisation processes that once took days to complete can now be handled in a matter of a few hours. All invoices are treated equally, regardless if they come via traditional mail or email. Their status, as they move along in the workflow, is automatically documented. Open invoices and due dates are all transparent. In addition, integration and data export features provide a seamless interface to your accounting system for completely efficient workflows.

Very important: you can be sure that every single invoice is stored in a legally compliant manner. All tasks that have anything to do with the processing of invoices are electronically distributed to the appropriate user.


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