New DocuWare Workflow Module a Hit

DocuWare Workflow ManagerNearly 200 companies are now using DocuWare Workflow Manager to maximise their document based business processes.

The Workflow module’s task list provides a direct overview of all workflow tasks. Thanks to the absence/vacation rules and escalation management, the is no task left undone. The module has a powerful graphical user interface – the Workflow Designer. Using this makes creating and editing workflows simple. Even the more complex processes can be modeled quickly and without any coding effort. Shortcuts and icons make it easy.

Workflows can still be set up even without having a document for a certain business situation. For example, if your company is anticipating a delivery, the purchase order can be used as a record in DocuWare. From the instant you generate the record, a workflow is launched which sends a task to the warehouse who receive an overview of he anticipated order.

Once delivered, the delivery slip will be attached to the task, which then continues on to the mail room, where the incoming invoice will eventually be added.

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