Top 5 Reasons To Choose Cloud Based Document Management Software

Cloud Based Document Management Software

Location And Device Does Not Matter

With a cloud based document management system it doesn’t matter where you are or what device you are using. The software is cloud based and therefore as long as you have an internet connection(either a data connection such as 3G or a network connection – most likely WiFi) you can connect to the cloud and access the software. Given this flexibility you could be almost anywhere in the world – as long as you’ve got a data connection you could be sat on the beach or sat in your office, it really wouldn’t matter.

This type of flexibility is becoming more and more important to the modern worker. Lets face it, how many people spend their entire day sat at their desk? Many jobs these days take employees out of the office to visit new and existing customers, to work at various company locations often all over the world and to work from home or on the go while travelling.

As with location, device flexibility is hugely important to modern workers. Younger workers in particular expect to be connected to applications across a number of devices and particular on mobiles and tablets. With this in mind only cloud based document management software will do. Device compatibility rarely proves to be an issue with Android, iOS and even Windows platforms being supported in most cases. Once again all main browsers are catered for with Chrome, Firefox, IE and Safari proving to be the most popular.


A traditional server based install usually comes with a significant upfront cost. For larger corporate organisations, this maybe easier to swallow(although sign off is sometimes a lengthy process) but SMB’s will struggle with justifying such a cost. Cloud based document management software such as DocuWare Cloud comes with flexible licencing options to allow you to only buy what you need and importantly spread your payments should you need to.

On top of this, because it is an “out of the box” solution you can be up and running in less than an hour. This means consultancy time and support costs will also be much lower. Further more there is no need to purchase hardware, server licences such as Windows, SQL or Citrix. This in turn means no IT resource drain either – often a limiting factor in any project not driven directly by the IT department themselves.


With a cloud based document management system, security is almost exclusively in the hands of the software provider and its hosting partners. Using DocuWare Cloud once again as an example, the data centres holding the servers have passed the most stringent security tests including ISO 27001 – the best-known standard for an information security management system.  DocuWare implements a systematic approach to managing sensitive company information so that it remains secure. It includes people, processes and IT systems by applying a risk management process.

The main point of this is that for any corporate organisation to match this level of security, the effort and costs would be huge and its unlikely to be practical for anything but the largest and most organised IT department.

Maintenance Free

One of the great advantages of the cloud based document management model is the lack of maintenance or indeed of any technical involvement from IT. Because the “back end” software is hosted and maintained by the provider, all system updates, improvements and maintenance jobs are carried out seamlessly and without any impact on the end user. This is great because it gives complete peace of mind and also means projects can be instigated without the involvement of the IT department.


The tailored packages for DocuWare Cloud allow you to grow your system with your needs. You can add additional users or storage space at any time, without changing your familiar working environment. This is a great advantage as it allows you to start small and grow with the needs and demands of your business.

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