Consultancy: How The ORS Group Approaches Complex Projects

The ORS Group works with numerous organisations to provide a consulting service to ensure that companies are maximising their digital potential. The benefit of an initial consultancy with ORS is that we can then implement the solutions; work with your own in-house teams to implement the solutions; or work with a separate organisation of your choosing to ensure best practice is embedded.

Our consulting services have helped organisations to:

  • Create automated digital mailrooms
  • Invoice processing systems
  • Document and data capture solutions
  • HR solutions
  • Claims processing (insurance specific)


ORS will allocate a project manager and technical lead. The project manager will be your primary point of contact and will conduct regular meetings, while ensuring successful project delivery. The technical lead will have responsibility for the design of the project and can answer any technical questions.

Project commencement

The project manager and technical lead will work with your own teams and end users, producing a detailed specification document for the project. This document will form a large part of the contract with ORS and firm up timescales, milestones and key deliverables.

Testing and implementation

ORS will then build and test the solution, working either remotely or onsite. We will test any assumptions, such as automation rate, and verify them against agreed sample and testing plans. This feeds back to the project manager, who reviews in collaboration with yourself. Once all assumptions have been tested and met, the system is developed and tested.

Working with either your own IT teams or ORS’s hosting teams, we then deploy any development, testing and pre-production system requirements. Once happy, the solution is passed to the customer for user testing and training.

The project manager and technical lead will fully support your internal teams and end users while they conduct user acceptance testing. Testing plans will be created and issues tracked. Test results reviewed and issues categorised as either a bug-fix or a new feature request. Everything is delivered within a robust change control process ensuring everyone is kept in the loop.

Post project

Once user testing is completed the solution will be put into production. Our team will remain on hand to deliver support, ensuring a smooth hand over.

Full training

ORS will provide training for your internal teams and end users. Everyone’s requirements are different, so you will get a custom plan, utilising formal classroom based courses and online, specific guidance.

If you want to talk more about consultancy at ORS and how our Professional Services Team can work with you to understand your organisation and create bespoke solutions, contact us at

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