Recent Study Shows 77 percent of HR Departments Are Successfully Going Paperless

A recent survey conducted by New Jersey(USA) based Archive Systems during the 2015 Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) Annual conference revealed that 77 percent of HR departments are successfully going paperless.

According to the HR professionals surveyed, a combined 77 percent said they were either both half paper and half digital, mostly digital or all digital while only 23 percent said they were solely paper.

Significant highlights from the survey also included:

  • HR Managers who said their HR files were more than 50% digital, reported spending 35% of their time on administrative paperwork. This represents a reduction of nearly half compared to industry surveys that have found 60% of HR resources are spent on administrative activities.
  • Hybrid environments, both digital and paper, are making the greatest progress toward going paperless. However, the biggest issue is digital documents existing in multiple systems instead of being accessible from one company wide repository.
  • HR Managers dealing with only paper records still spend the majority of their time on mundane tasks and focusing less on key business activities.
  • HR Managers that still have paper records are on average 50% confident that they have all the necessary documents for audits and compliance, but companies that are totally digital are on average over 70% confident.

The digitisation of HR documents has always been a significant area of focus for ORS Group. We work with companies from all different sectors – every company is different but the motivation behind digitisation of HR documents is always the same.

We’ve compiled two new case studies based on our recent work:

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