Document Scanning in Southampton

We’ve recently won a number of new document scanning contracts with local businesses in the Southampton area. We have clients based all over the UK but there are some really great benefits to using a local provider for your scanning work.

Some benefits of using a local scanning company:

  • Many customers feel more secure dealing with a local firm. If a phone call isn’t enough then its always easy to meet face to face.
  • Response times – Although we offer the best possible response time regardless of location, if you are near by we can add that extra bit of flexibility. It’s not uncommon for documents to be requested in an emergency or for collections to be needed last minute.
  • Flexible and regular account management – We love staying in touch with our customers and meeting up on a regular basis is fundamental to building long lasting relationships. If you are in the Southampton area then this makes the process really easy and often our customers come to visit our facility regardless of where they are in the country!
  • Spending money with a local business helps support the local economy and helps secure jobs in your area.
  • Using a local supplier is more environmentally friendly. If you are in the Southampton area then the amount of fuel we use for collections is reduced and therefore emissions are lower.
  • Supplying a reference is easy. Sometimes customers look for a reference before using a document scanning company. We have lots of local clients who are willing to share their experiences with new customers.

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