ORS Group offer a bespoke data entry service securely located at our headquarters in the UK. Outsourcing your data entry to us is guaranteed to save you time and money whilst improving accuracy and speed.

Data Entry Services

There are many advantages to be gained from outsourcing your data entry needs to a specialist. Most importantly at ORS Group we never sub contract our work – it always stays with us at our ultra secure headquarters in the UK.

Data entry is a repetitive and often tedious process. Unless you have the right staff and the right process in place to tackle it, you will quickly find costs and timescales spiral out of control. This is where we can help. Our staff are highly skilled and work in the most efficient way possible. This means we can offer rapid turnaround times at a price that is guaranteed to be cheaper than trying to tackle it in house. We always look to use the most efficient method possible, as long as quality and speed can be assured. Sometimes however in cases with poor quality print or handwritten documents we will key data by hand.