ORS Group offers a digital mailroom service to help all types of businesses currently struggling with time consuming and costly mail sorting and data extraction processes. 

More and more businesses are now choosing to reduce costs and increase control by implementing a digital mailroom solution. We use our high quality scanning service and data capture techniques to help customers save time and money every day.

We have a dedicated team who are highly experienced in dealing with the most sensitive and time dependent data possible.

How the digital mail room works


  1. Selected incoming documents arrive at our secure premises via a PO Box number
  2. Documents are opened, sorted, digitally captured and all relevant data extracted
  3. 3 step quality control check
  4. Cheques securely banked on your behalf if required
  5. Data is uploaded into the customers choice of system within an agreed SLA
  6. Agreed workflows applied
  7. Documents are securely destroyed or returned to customer

Benefits Of A Digital Mailroom Service


  • Reduce staffing costs by removing manual handling costs
  • Reduces operational costs
  • Secures data and reduces risk of data leaks
  • Provides secure audit trails that help compliance
  • Data moves faster due to a dedicated resource processing it