We have an enviable track record of over 25 years experience as a document management consultancy service provider.

Document Management Consultancy

Document Management Consultancy Services from the industry experts at ORS Group. We are perfectly positioned to provide a tailored approach to consultancy, working closely with you to achieve your business goals and objectives. Our industry experts can work with you towards your paperless or paper light objectives. In almost all cases this involves the implementation of a document management software solution and a strategy to scan your documents from archive through to ongoing paper challenges.

The following services can all be tailored to the clients individual needs:

Requirements Analysis 

The requirements analysis process allows our consultants to work with your team members in order to determine expectations for the project. The requirements need to be quantifiable, relevant and detailed.

Project Management Steps

Our project management steps will include:

1. Project conception and initiation

2. Project definition and planning

3. Project launch or execution

4. Project performance and control

5. Project close

Specification and Design

The functional and non-functional requirements for document scanning, data capture, invoice processing and digital mailroom processes are agreed via business and technical workshops, and are finalised during a review process. Functional, technical and business process design work is undertaken with regular stakeholder meetings. 

Configuration and Development

Digital solution development and configuration takes place within a structured development environment and is closely monitored against agreed timescales and scoping requirements for your document and data management. Test plans are also written and reviewed.

Implementing, Testing and Training

A variety of tests are conducted to ensure all project requirements have been met, with any defects being tracked, resolved and retested. If required, administrator and user training in document scanning and data capture is provided along with supporting training manuals.


Our team will support you throughout and after the project is complete. We offer technical consultancy both at your own site and remotely from our own offices. Our helpdesk facility operates from 8am – 5.30pm and deals with customer support issues via email, telephone and online chat. All support issues are assigned a support ticket at tracked through to complete resolution.