Create Web Forms With DocuWare

Create Web Forms With DocuWare

It’s a pain to fill out forms. And entering data manually for electronic data processing isn’t much better. Often, companies face a real flood of forms with the same data collected multiple times.

DocuWare Forms not only makes standardising data capture easier and more comfortable but also far more efficient. Previously used templates can be set up as Web forms that are made available by link to fill in with a browser. Click Submit and the form is automatically saved as a PDF in a DocuWare file cabinet. No more error-prone typing. And no more redundancy as digitally stored data, which is captured via a Web form, is transmitted automatically into multiple form templates for your various departments.

As an example, several departments often need to access the information from newly hired employees – Purchasing requires info for an office furniture order, the IT Department sets up email and network access, and Payroll requests a security number and bank information.

Instead of new employees filling out many individual forms, one Web form will allow for the structured and multiple use of data. The forms can then be integrated in productivityboosting DocuWare workflows. They automatically appear as a task for the relevant co-worker and can be processed promptly.

Creating a Web form with DocuWare Forms is extremely easy, no need for programming skills. Even longproven paper templates can be used – they are simply scanned in and linked with a Web form.