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Can you relate to any of the following scenarios? Employees print out emails and electronic documents – they then store it a file within a large filing cabinet. Not everyone in the company uses the same filing cabinets and many of these people don’t know where these files are located.

The mail arrives, its gets stamped and placed into an inbox. Unfortunately though this inbox belongs to a member of staff who is on holiday and nobody is keeping an eye on it. Because of this the company misses an early settlement discount and also misses an important RFP.

A member of the sales team takes away a customer file to make call. In the mean time a customer service issue arises and access is required to these files. This could put a valuable relationship in jeopardy.

DocuWare can bring your company significant advantages. Virtually every information process can be streamlined because everyone has access to the data they need. Your staff can now dedicate their time to core functions rather than managing paperwork.