The 7 Benefits of  Digital HR Files

DocuWare is your complete digital platform for storing, retrieving and editing HR records.
Set a new course with fully modern HR management processes: digital files aren’t only helpful for managers and their HR team, every employee in the company will benefit from built-in services and faster processes. With the GDPR less than a year away – can you afford to be still working with paper documents?

Benefits of Digital HR Files

1 – Quicker Data Upkeep

 DocuWare for Quicker Data UpkeepAnnual reviews, sick day reports, pay slips, emails – with DocuWare, HR documents of all types and from all sources are stored uniformly. This well-organised storage approach works quickly and often fully automatically. Document searches can be conducted via specific index terms or by looking for keywords within the full text. At the same time, DocuWare retains and mirrors your familiar file structure – so you can still quickly grab documents from a certain folder.

2 – Security and Data Protection

Document management - Security and Data ProtectionLocked up data instead of locked up file cabinets: with DocuWare, you can store HR records in a way that is both secure and legally compliant. Highly sophisticated techniques are in place to protect from data and document loss. A customisable permission structure ensures that only authorized persons have access to sensitive information. In addition, retention periods can be set up so that, for example, application documents are deleted at the appropriate time.

3 – Flexible File Views and Self Service

Document management - view on mobile and other devices

By web or app, authorized individuals can be given access to password-protected documents in your digital archive. For example, executives working from a home office can take a look at agreed upon goal definitions, without having to print or save them locally. And colleagues who might need a copy of their last three paychecks can get them straight from their own file – even late on a Saturday night.

4 – Seamless HR Processes

HR Processes document managementAnalyse your HR processes: Where do you repeatedly experience delays, where do you suspect security gaps, where are simple errors made? With DocuWare, you can easily design digital workflows to coordinate job application processes, approve vacation requests, or distribute payroll.

5 – Integration in HR Management Software

Document management integration in HR Management SoftwareDocuWare is a real team player and can be seamlessly integrated with any HR program. This means you can directly store and retrieve documents directly from within your HR management software. One click is enough and you’ll see all the records related to a particular employee number.

6 – Web Forms Instead of Paper Mania

Document management web vs paperDocuWare helps you convert your paper forms into ultra-efficient web forms. This means your employees don’t need to constantly re-enter their basic personnel data and your department isn’t wasting time on deciphering illegible handwriting.

7 – Very User Friendly

User friendly document managementGreat Place to Work – The goal sought by every future-oriented company goes hand-in-hand with using DocuWare. Not only because piles of paper and walls usually covered by file cabinets are cleared away. Users also enjoy the program‘s simple user interface and the ability to customize the system to suit their own work styles without needing extensive IT skills.

Tiers of document management with DocuWare