DocuWare Do More with Less

Smart handling of documents can unlock a company’s true potential – easily and without changes to an organisation.

Electronic document management with DocuWare… 


  • Increases efficiency
  • Reduces costs
  • Improves cash flow
  • Optimises processes
  • Boosts customer service

Do More with DocuWare

Here’s how it works

DocuWare stores all your documents, regardless of their source or format, in a secure and organised manner, in a central document pool. One search quickly locates related documents right from your desktop. Authorised customers and partners can use the internet to view the documents they need.


The results

In seconds, documents are displayed in a browser, no matter if it’s a monitor, a tablet or a smartphone. The entire company profits from increased efficiencies and reduced costs – which means MORE for the bottom line.

DocuWare 3 Devices

Over 14,000 customers worldwide are already enjoying the rewards of electronic document management. Once documents are filed, they are available when and where you need them – in the office, on the road, worldwide and at any time.

DocuWare also simplifies your workflow processes.

DocuWare More Profit