DocuWare Guarantees Integration With Your Existing Systems

If you’re investing in a new piece of software then integration with your existing systems is essential.

DocuWare has guaranteed integration with all known housing software packages including MIS ActiveH, Civica Housing, Aareon QL and MS Dynamics

DocuWare Integration



  • Access related documents in DocuWare direct from third-party applications
  • Integrate DocuWare in any program without the need for programming
  • Configurations are easy to set up

Application Examples

HR Application

Your HR department uses a specific program but your HR records such as applications, employment contracts and vacation forms are all stored in an HR file cabinet in DocuWare. An employee number is used in both systems, and in DocuWare there are also index fields for the document type and status. It is easy to set up a suitable Smart Search configuration for different application scenarios.

For example, to create pay slips you may frequently need to refer to the employee’s vacation forms. With Smart Connect you can do this directly from the HR software. With the record for an employee open, simply click the Smart Connect button and the latest vacation form for that employee will appear in the DocuWare Viewer. You can also use the result list to access all other vacation forms for this particular employee. According to the definition of the Smart Search configuration that was run in the background, the employee number is imported from the displayed record. For additional search criteria “vacation form” is used for the document type and “valid” for the status. Corresponding configurations can be created for other document types.

Accounting Example

When you need to edit the record for an invoice in the accounting software and you want to view the invoice for that record at the same time, you can simply click the Smart Connect button displayed in your accounting software program. Clicking this button causes the invoice number and company to be read from the user interface of the accounting system and these terms are then used to run a search in DocuWare. The invoice matching the data record is displayed directly in the DocuWare Viewer.

By using more than one configuration you can also display several Smart Connect buttons in the same third-party application. For example, one button could be used to display the invoice and another to display the delivery note relating to the same accounting record. You can customize the Smart Connect button label for the configuration.