Many of the documents you need to archive will already have existing organisation criteria and search words in your IT systems. DocuWare Autoindex transfers the data and adds it to the filing cabinet as index words. Manual input is eliminated and storage is automatic.

Use the data records which are already available in the IT system to index documents automatically in DocuWare. For example – Accounting records, an invoice in the accounting system with the sender, document number, date, and amount. If this invoice is archived in DocuWare, Autoindex can access the content of the external data record and add it as index information in DocuWare – without the user having to type the index words in first.

Autoindex can also be used in the other direction to add index words to returning work reports. For these documents, the index words are already in the system when you print them. If the work report is returned filled out, the new document can be automatically assigned to the available data records.

Autoindex also provides a good service for research. Autoindex reconciles the external database with the documents in the DocuWare filing cabinet and displays related documents. The user can also limit the search by filtering for particular documents.

DocuWare Autoindex

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