Many business processes can be simplified with bar codes. For example, do you receive a lot of invoices that you would like to scan and store in one operational step?

Well you can do this with DocuWare Barcode & Forms. Simply attach a bar code label to the first page of every invoice and scan all your documents in one batch together.

Each new barcode identifies a new document. DocuWare reads the bar code number as an invoice number and uses it for the indexing and storage process.

This also allows the document to be uniquely identified throughout the entire company and across all departments and systems.

Time SavingTime Saving – Optimise your work processes

automatic-indexingAutomatic Indexing – Have your bar codes read out for indexing

Highly AccurateHighly Accurate – Automatic data capture instead of manual entry is safer and more accurate

pre-sortingPresorting Documents – Use the data read out to categorise and separate scanned pages

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