For users of Gmail and Microsoft Exchange you can organise and store your email quickly and simply in DocuWare with the Connect to Mail module. Connect to Mail monitors a folder in your inbox and when incoming email arrives it is automatically detected and transferred to DocuWare.

With Connect to Mail you can also index email automatically. Managing email and all other document types together in a single document management solution improves and simplifies the organisation of related content. You can use Connect to Mail to combine the benefits of web-based email  with the simplicity and efficiency of DocuWare.

Fast ArchivingEfficient – Save emails in DocuWare straight from IMAP and Exchange

automatic-indexingOrganised – Index email automatically

docuware-mobilePortable – Transfer your email to DocuWare from your smartphone, tablet, or via the browser

DocuWare Connect to SharepointConvenient – Easy, central setup

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