Workflow Software From DocuWare

Establish clear rules for processing documents to optimize your business processes with DocuWare Workflow Manager. It works with a high-performance graphical user interface named Workflow Designer enabling you to easily create and edit workflows. No need to pay for programming, you can develop simple to highly complex processes by using easy to recognize symbols.

You assign: employees, tasks, and define substitution rules in case the employee responsible for that step is out of the office. You also determine which event should set a workflow in motion, for example, storing an incoming invoice. And naturally, you can track all processes.



  • Task lists provide an immediate overview
  • The Workflow allows you to work intuitively with documents.
  • Substitution rules and escalation management keep business moving forward: tasks are not left unfinished for long periods. If the person responsible is out of the office, they are automatically assigned to a substitute. If a task is overdue, the employee is sent a reminder.
  • Create your own workflows without the expense of programming.