What Are People Saying About DocuWare?

We’ve compiled a number of independent DocuWare reviews from various review websites around the web including Capterra and Gartner. Although we’ve only picked a handful of the most recent Docuware reviews, you can click through the links to read more from other reviewers.

DocuWare Reviews 1

Pros: The relationship with our vendors has improved because we now have a consistent and reliable way to communicate order information. We’ve found that better vendor relationships support better customer service.
The breadth of features has also allowed us to improve information flow with our customers.

Cons: To fully leverage the features of the product we did need to develop owners inside the business who could trouble shoot and fine tune solutions. As is often the case, the more expert the user the more powerful the tool.

Overall: Improved information flow with customers and with suppliers. Also, greatly simplified locating documents.

Source: Capterra

DocuWare Review 2

Pros: The DocuWare consultant tailored the product to our specific needs. We incorporated many validations and lookups across to the target ERP system (SAGE). The Intellix learning OCR feature was impressive and lived up to the sales pitch, recognizing differences in our vendor base that were surprising (example – some vendor provided dates in mm/dd/yyyy and others presented in dd/mm/yyyy – but DocuWare learned the difference and converted as needed).

Cons: We did not build enough tracking/audit fields at the onset, upon hindsight. Doing it again, I would have a tracking field on who owns the document – so as to always be able to export a file of all open WIP documents and know to whom that they belong.

Overall: Our growth is very healthy, so this allowed us to automate and electronically store our documents without adding more space for file cabinets and hold off on hiring additional employees for a period of time.

Source: Capterra

DocuWare Review 3

Pros: Web based software. Works with almost any device. Complies with our strict security standards. The software is very flexible and easy to use.

Cons: Cost, It costs money and isn’t free. But you get what you pay for. Seriously the software is an awesome buy.

Overall: Document Archive.

Source: Capterra

DocuWare Review 4

Source: Gartner