Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office contains a wide variety of tools, including programs for word processing, spreadsheets, creating presentations, time management, administering e-mail and much more. With DocuWare, all of these Office documents can be securely archived with a press of a button.


“Using Office together with DocuWare is an ideal combination for us. With just a click, every document (mostly Excel or Word files) are filed in the central document pool. And our users never have to leave the program that they are most used to seeing on their monitors.“

Ulf Raczak, System Administrator/DocuWare

Microsoft Sharepoint Server

The portal solution Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server grants employees, customers and vendors custom access to a company’s knowledge base. Portal users may use the Internet to directly access DocuWare file cabinets.


“In the past, our employees had to search for information from a variety of sources, including folders, directories and file systems. Today, project team members can access a personalized list of all core project data from the central DocuWare document pool right through our Intranet, with a click of a button. And they never need to leave the familiar SharePoint interface to do so. ”

Michael Böhm, IT Director
Schiene Schreck-Mieves Company

Oracle E-Business Suite

DocuWare enhances Oracle (E-Business Suite) Financials with archiving features.


“Every record is given a unique number, digitized and stored in a DocuWare file cabinet. At the same time, this number is used to import the records into Oracle Financials. Via the Internet, our employees in all of our 37 locations around Europe can use their Oracle application to access the central DocuWare document pool, 24/7. This means that our employees can quickly get the all the information they are looking for. ”

Helmut Glasbrenner, IT Director/Applications

Intuit QuickBooks

Integrating DocuWare with QuickBooks allows for only one search to locate all the documents having to do with one business transaction. Having documentation readily available for their budget control department has helped better manage their cash flow.