What is Document Process Outsourcing?

“Document Process Outsourcing is the delegation of a number of tasks to a supplier including the capture, imaging, conversion, processing, mailing, printing, electronic transmission and fulfilment of any type of printed or electronic document.”

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Examples of Document Process Outsourcing Services


Document Process Outsourcing With ORS Group 

With nearly 30 years experience and an extensive referencing list, ORS Group work with customers from all industry areas who are looking to outsource unwanted document based processes. Companies look to outsource these process for a number of reasons including:


  • An influx of work or a new contract win means they cannot handle the work, or don’t want to recruit staff to do it internally
  • The work isn’t within anyones remit and resource isn’t available to do it or to be re-assigned to it
  • There isn’t the knowledge or expertise in house to complete the work
  • Hardware such as scanners or printers doesn’t exist and purchase cost can’t be justified
  • Turnaround times need to be as fast as possible
  • Cost savings

Customers Include


Linklaters Lotus Pepsi Sovereign Ultimate Security
For Farmers EDF Energy CSC Barclays Balfour Beatty