Kodak sceyeXKodak sceyeX Scanner

Sceye® – an innovative document scanner for the professional desktop.
Capture your documents instantly even while you are reading them!

Place your document into the laser projection area on your desktop and sceye will take a snapshot, straighten and auto-crop the image to the actual document size – all in one take – no mouse or keyboard action required!

With sceye even small receipts, stapled pages or pages directly from a folder or binder can be captured.

With it’s extra ordinary design sceye is ideal for your desktop with its sleek design and very small footprint. Powered by USB – sceye is also the perfect choice for any mobile office.

The bundled software offers sophisticated image processing functions, such as deskew, auto-cropping and image processing, therefore eliminating the need to make further manual correction to the scanned image.

sceye comes bundled with:


  • sceye-Explorer – Scanning and organizing documents with multiple pages
  • sceye-Autoscan – Batch scanning for any kind of document or even right from the folder
  • sceye-RACE – Insert single pages by a shortcut in popular applications
  • ExactScan Pro – (For Mac only) Direct access to the document scanner via a native Mac twain driver.sceye comes in two different versions:
  • sceyeX – designed for a full automatic capture process for a high number of documents and with outstanding image quality
  • sceyeX Mono-Pro – “the specialist camera” Without a colour mode but with an extra boost on image sharpness and clarity
  • The standardised TWAIN-Interface allows any compatible application to integrate sceye as any normal scanner to capture documents.sceye is maintenance free, and comes with a 3 years warranty* 

    The bundled software sceye-Explorer, sceye-Autoscan, Twain and Mac drivers offer:

  • automatic rotate – sceye recognizes the orientation and straightens the document during a scan
  • automatic cropping – border around document is removed automatically
  • Directmail & directprint – scans to email and to print automatically
    In addition, sceye-Autoscan offers:
  • automatic scan sceye recognizes if you place a new document under the sceye and a snapshot will be taken automatically
  • save sceye saves the document automatically with a definable filename
  • Multipage Assistant sceye combines multiple pages of a single document automatically to create a multipage (tif or pdf) file
  • Virtual Barcode – Barcode separator pages don’t have to be scanned – sceye-Autoscan adds virtual barcode separator pages into the Twain Image transfer.

RRP  £565  Call For Best Price

Mfr. Part #: 7430382

Scan type Specialist Product
Colour Silver-Gray
Resolution 100 / 200 / 300 / 400 dpi Pixels
Interface USB
Dimensions W x D x H 100 * 120 * 360 mm
Weight 740 g
Warranty 12 month on site warranty up to 4 business day response time