Right documents, wrong format? Don’t let it worry you, our years of document conversion experience can put you back on track.

At ORS Group we’ve been scanning and converting documents for the last 25 years. If it’s got text on it then at some point we’ve probably converted, processed, manipulated, extracted, duplicated or customised it. The biggest problem with a great deal of data is that it is in the wrong format for your particular application. This in itself isn’t normally a problem once or twice, but if you’ve got thousands or tens of thousands of rows of data to process it becomes a time consuming and often impossible task. Time and resource just doesn’t exist for these situations so why not outsource to the team at ORS Group?

We offer an extensive range of document conversion services including:

Document Conversion Services IconText Searchable PDFs.We can convert PDFs, TIFFs and many other image formats into text searchable PDF documents. Find out more about OCR – Optical Character Recognition.

document-conversion-80PDF File Data Extraction. We can fully extract data from PDF files and re-create it into the file type of your choice.

document-conversion-80High Volume OCR Conversion. If you’ve got paper documents or digital images we can OCR these and make the text searchable. Our significant processing power means we can OCR on high volume archives without a problem.

document-conversion-80Watermarking. Concerned about copyright or inappropriate distribution of your intellectual property? Perhaps you simply want to brand your work? Our team can watermark your all your documents a sequence of documents or selected documents.

document-conversion-80Page Removal. If you have blank pages that need removing, or simply a sequence of pages that need removing we can do this.

document-conversion-80Password Protection. If security is a concern then why not use our password protection service? We can lock your documents with a password giving you complete control.

document-conversion-80Document Renaming. If your documents are named badly then why not let us rename them in a more logical format.

document-conversion-80Document Merging. Combine documents from various formats into one PDF document.

document-conversion-80File Optimisation. Including such things as compression without loss of quality on digital images. De-speckle, de-skew and image rotation can also be applied on the fly or retrospectively.

document-conversion-80File Conversion. We can convert from one file format to almost any other format and even convert a paper print out back to its original digital format – ie a print out of an Excel document back to digital Excel file.