1. Collection

The first part of the document scanning process is for us to collect you documents. We offer a FREE UK collection service via our secure tracked vehicles. If you need a daily service we can also offer a dedicated PO BOX service.


2. Preparation

The second part of the process is the preparation. Documents are prepared for scanning firstly by having staples and paperclips removed. Pages are straightened, aligned, rotated and gathered up into batches ready for the scanner.


3. Document Scanning

The third stage is the document scanning. We operate best of breed Kodak scanners ensuring only the highest quality images are captured. Our operators watch every document through the scanner meaning a real time quality control process is always in effect.


4. Quality Control

The fourth stage is quality control. Digital images are checked for quality and consistency once again.



5. Indexing

The fifth stage is indexing. Images are now passed to indexing to manually extract data in order for it to be accessed at a later date via a document management system or via our own hosted system.


6. Quality Control

The sixth stage is to quality control all captured data including verification against client master databases.




7. Delivery / Upload

The seventh stage is delivery or data upload. Your images are delivered back to you on a USB stick / DVD or uploaded into either our own cloud hosted system or into your own database / EDM.


8. Shredding and Recycling

The final stage is shredding and recycling. Once you are happy you have everything you need your paperwork is either returned to you or securely shredded, pulped and recycled. A certificate of destruction is then issued.

The document scanning process - collection


The document scanning process - preparation



The document scanning process - scanning


The document scanning process - quality control stage 1


The document scanning process - indexing


The document scanning process - quality control stage 2



The document scanning process - data upload



The document scanning process - shredding and recycling