There are probably 3 questions we get asked the most frequently ahead of customers using our services:

1 – What size documents can be scanned?

As you would imagine by far the most common document size we scan is A4. The next size up from A4 is A3 – in effect it’s 2 pieces of A4 put side by side portrait. The next size down from A4 is A5 and these three make up the most common paper sizes. Letter, Legal and foolscap sizes are often mentioned too. These can three can be scanned easily but its fairly uncommon to see them these days.

If you have documents that are an extreme size for example plans, drawings or ECGs for example then we can work with these too. We use a slightly different process and different hardware. At the opposite end of the size spectrum we have documents such as receipts, photos, rail tickets, sticky notes, job cards to name but a few. Once again we use a slightly different process and some sophisticated hardware to handle even the smallest piece of paper.

A series paper sizes

2 – What volumes of documents can ORS handle?

You’d think that document volume wouldn’t be a problem, but actually there are only a limited number of scanning companies that can scan large document volumes and offer acceptable turn around times. ORS Group offer a high volume scanning service aimed at customers with large document archives. We have the very latest hardware from IBML allowing us to scan accurately and quickly at an exceptional pace.

3 – What type of documents can be scanned?

We’ve already talked about document size but what about document type? Most documents we scan are A4 print but needless to say we scan thousands of other less straightforward documents and most archives are made up of numerous types. A great example would be an HR file for a member of staff who has been in a company for many years.  This type of file may contain a staff photo, a birth certificate, some signed documents, some handwritten documents, a copy of a passport and even some record cards which pre date computers. As you can see, one file can be made up of a real variety of documents and these can all be sorted and prepared for scanning by our expert team.