If you are thinking of scanning your documents but  either don’t want to, or can’t let your documents leave your premises then our onsite scanning services are the solution for you.

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Onsite Scanning Services Overview

We operate a highly confidential scanning bureau with the most regulated security procedures in place – customers trusting our bureau include Harley Street Consultants, The MOD, Major Financial Institutions and many more. Sometimes though, rules, legal regulations or company policies just don’t allow documents to be removed from their location. Our onsite scanning services are aimed at companies who simply cannot take their documents off site.

Our team will come to your site and setup an efficient onsite scanning service that replicates our own scanning bureau. We bring the staff, the equipment and most importantly the processes and expertise. This is unlikely to be the most cost effective method of scanning an archive, but for many customers there are a number of benefits that make this worthwhile:


  • You can view the progress of the scanning as it progresses
  • Documents are kept secure at your office at all times for ultimate peace of mind
  • Your newly scanned documents are made immediately available for use