ORS Group offer a Survey Scanning Service to quickly and easily capture all of your survey data into a digital format. Our services are trusted by hundreds of companies throughout the UK. We stand for quality, speed, accuracy and security.

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Survey Scanning Services Overview

Our survey scanning services are all undertaken at our ultra secure ISO9001 approved facility. Most of our customers are looking to outsource their survey scanning because they don’t have either the time, staff or equipment to do it themselves. Our scanning bureau is setup specifically for this task and we can guarantee to save you both time and money.

Document Scanning

Manually processing survey data in any volume is both time consuming, tedious , costly and open to errors. Our services can be used by almost any company looking to gather their survey data in the most efficient way possible.

We Can Scan and Capture The Following


  • Market research surveys
  • Competition entry forms
  • Exam papers
  • Medical research forms
  • Application forms of any type
  • Prize draw forms
  • Customer or staff feedback forms
  • Business cards and CRM data

Data Conversion Formats

We can convert your data into a number of formats to allow you to work instantly with your valuable data. These include(but are not exclusive to):

  • Microsoft Excel (.XLS or .XLSX)
  • Access Database (.MDB)
  • CSV
  • XML
  • ACT!, Salesforce, Goldmine

Survey Design and Assessment

If you haven’t designed your survey yet then we would encourage you to speak to one of our data capture specialists. Our team can help design your form to make the capture process faster, more accurate and more cost effective. We can help you with overall design and structure and also question type/style and format. All of these stages are important to get the most out of your data gathering exercise.

If you’ve already designed your form or you’ve already gathered your data then that’s not a problem. We can make a free assessment of your form and asses what blend of automated or semi automated methods we will use to capture your data. This will help us understand timescales and costs involved in your work.