Enterprise Content Management

Enterprise Content Management is the strategies, methods & tools used to capture, manage, store, preserve & deliver content & documents in an organisation.


Enterprise Content Management Infographic

Using the experience gained from over 14,000 customer projects, DocuWare has developed the world’s leading Enterprise Content Management System. Innovation, Architecture, Security, Integration and Scalability are the core segments of technology leadership in ECM. DocuWare has been using innovation to set the standard in the ECM market. DocuWare makes the most of browser-based technology, cloud solutions, Intelligent Indexing, and ultra-modern applications for mobile devices.

DocuWare is the first and – continues to be the only – established ECM provider to offer true “Software as a Service” on the cloud. Fifteen years ago, the company had already begun moving in this direction, setting the stage for today’s DocuWare software that is consistently multi-tenant, service-oriented and scalable. Since the early migration to browser-based technology, DocuWare has tremendous experience in the cloud arena, which over 4,000 users are currently profiting from. The collective use of a highly scalable cloud system that is typical of SaaS, offers tremendous cost advantages that DocuWare is able to pass along to its users. Since the same technology is used for both cloud and in-house systems, there is no need to develop them on separate tracks and every expansion or improvement equally benefits both cloud and in-house systems.