As a leading manufacturer of printing technologies, Konica Minolta considers the protection of the environment as an essential part of its corporate management philosophy, summed up in Eco Vision 2050. Konica Minolta is comitted to showing consideration for the environment throughout the entire product lifecycle; undertaking initiatives to counter global warming; work towards a recycling-oriented society; the prevention of chemical pollution and the minimisation of potential risks to the environment.

Konica Minolta’s green technologies

Constant efforts to reduce the environmental footprint of our cutting-edge technologies help to improve their efficiency. Two key technologies in Konica Minolta’s many earth friendly innovations and activities are:

Our very own polymerised Simitri HD toner reduces CO2 not only during the production process, but also during actual use because due to its lower fusing temperature, which reduces energy consumption during the printing process. In addition, Simitri HD toner contains biomass, which contributes towards achieving CO2 neutrality during recycling and helps reduce the overall carbon footprint of our bizhub office devices.konica-environment

The standardised TEC value (typical electricity consumption) is not manufacturer-specific and indicates a product’s typical electricity consumption over a oneweek period, based on average office usage. Konica Minolta MFDs boast very low TEC values, thus deliver energy savings and play their part in helping to protect the environment.

Green functionalities

Our office products implement a range of output features such as duplex print and copy previews and a function to skip blank pages, which helps to save paper, increase productivity and reduce printing costs.

ISO 14001

For Konica Minolta and its worldwide business and manufacturing sites, the certification to this internationally recognised standard for the environmental management of companies is obligatory.

CO2 emissions

Committed to helping prevent global warming, Konica Minolta strives to reduce CO2 emissions during product manufacture, product distribution, at the sales stage and during product use, with even stricter targets than demanded by the Kyoto Protocol.

Zero waste

Konica Minolta has self-imposed rigorous zero waste and risk management goals that are achieved by using all acquired resources efficiently, and by trying to reduce the volume of externally discarded waste with effective internal recycling.

Green procurement

Konica Minolta’s global Procurement Policy states that at every stage of product development and manufacture, the emphasis is placed on using raw materials, parts and components procured from suppliers with active commitment to the environment.

Avoiding chemical pollution

Konica Minolta pursues a comprehensive chemicals management policy throughout the lifecycle of all of its products to prevent chemical-related accidents and adverse health impacts.