With DocuWare Connect to Ricoh you can scan and store documents in DocuWare in a single step. The digitised documents are indexed directly on the MFD and stored in a DocuWare file cabinet. In this way the documents are immediately available to all authorised users. By using DocuWare you can significantly reduce your need to print. Documents can be made immediately available to only authorised users which in turn increases security and cuts down on paper and ink waste.


You select the option to store documents in DocuWare direct from the scanner. Depending on the setting, you either authenticate yourself with a user name and password or use a predefined user to log into DocuWare. The document is then scanned. Next you select a store dialog for a DocuWare file cabinet; then using the soft keyboard on the scanner display, enter index words for the document or select them from select lists. The document is stored directly in the selected DocuWare file cabinet and can be viewed immediately by all authorized users.



The Java application is installed on the scanner. The scanner uses this application to communicate with the DocuWare Web Services, which in turn access the DocuWare servers directly via GAPI (General Application Programming Interface).


You configure the application directly on the scanner. Here you can specify whether to use a fixed login for DocuWare or whether each user must log in directly on the scanner. You can also specify when scanning multiple pages whether to create a multiple-page TIFF document, a PDF file, a document with multiple single-page TIFFs, or a document containing several PDF files. As for the scanning resolution and paper format, you can either accept the scanner’s default settings or define your own settings.

Ricoh Scanner Display Image

Because entering index words on the scanner display is less convenient than on a ‘real’ keyboard, we recommend defining special store dialogs with fewer index fields for this application. You can then specify that only these special dialogs are made available for selection in the list of store dialogs.