The advanced Konica Minolta office fuctionalities all focus on one key goal: Offering you the highest ease of use and giving users more time for everyday work. Printing, copying, scanning and faxing are integrated into comprehensive communication workflows allowing your office teams to manage, distribute and archive documents.

Efficient Printing and copying

The complete portfolio of bizhub devices offers such ease of use with an impressive range of features and functionalities. Depending on the device of your choice, the media flexibility covers paper sizes from A6 or A5 for mailings to SRA3 for brochures with full bleed images and layouts. Paperweights vary from 52 g/sqm for delivery notes up to 300 g/sqm for cover pages and posters.

On all bizhub devices, an extensive range of useful print and copy features facilitates the creation of both standard and more complex documents. This includes forms overlay, for the production of business correspondence and banner printing to create individually sized display material up to 1.2 metres length. Duplex printing and copying not only minimise environmental impact but also help reduce costs by saving paper, filing space and postage. Auto colour selection avoids inadvertent printing or copying in colour of black and white originals.konica-minolta-printing-documents

With any bizhub office system, you enjoy straightforward and productive printing and copying. The Konica Minolta My Tab printer driver allows users to create a simplified, individual driver containing only their preferred printer functions. With My Tab, users benefit from enhanced user comfort, save time and avoid the frustration of not getting to the desired result easily.

Also available is the Universal Printer Driver which only needs to be installed once to be available on all connected bizhub devices. Administrators benefit from the universal design of this driver, enhancing efficiency and overall productivity.

The intelligent “Easy Set” concept allows to produce complex print jobs by choosing presets that include paper selection and finishing options.

Essential Scanning

In today’s offices, the fast and convenient scanning of documents is quickly increasing in importance. The Konica Minolta bizhub devices combine hardware and features to maximise scanning
usability and efficiency, offering security, flexibility and easily accesible archiving.

Scanning aids the automation of processes which need a lot of manual intervention. The digitisation of documents and their electronic distribution streamlines these typical office tasks,
much enhancing user convenience and improving efficiency as well as overall office productivity.

Available in combination with user authentication, the functions Scan-to-Me and Scan-to-Home reliably ensure that scans are sent to the user’s own e-mail address or own registered PC folder providing enhanced convenience, as both automatically appear at the top of all scan destinations.

The clever Scan-to-USB feature also provides user flexibility, enabling time saving by scanning from the bizhub to the USB stick without the detour via the PC. Another benefit is the processing of scanned data with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to create searchable PDF documents. These include a full-text search capability, enabling users to find the document they want quickly and conveniently on their PC.

Convenient Fax communication

To any location requiring fax communication, the bizhub range of office MFDs offers comprehensive fax capabilities. Next to the regular faxing from the device the clever PC fax functionality gives you the extra user convenience of sending faxes directly from your PC. Likewise, incoming faxes can be forwarded into the PC, in both cases avoiding printouts altogether. Various security features make confidential fax communication reliably safe.

Convincing Workflows

The combination of one or more bizhub devices with our versatile range of software applications enables offices to establish advanced scanning and document workflows. They include document capturing, distribution and archiving. The digitisation of documents and their conversion into editable electronic formats allows the seamless integration into existing workflows, for example into order, delivery, invoice and archiving processes of logistics or finance departments. Thanks to the availability of suitable applications, virtually anything is possible.

Professional Finishing versatility

Minimising manual work for professional document output, advanced inline finishing makes everyday office work easier, saves time and guarantees highest productivity.

The comprehensive finishing versatility on our bizhub devices includes corner and 2-point stapling which means that financial reports and manuals can be provided ready-for-use in the output tray without requiring manual collation. Inline booklet making automates the production of centre-folded and saddle-stitched booklets like product brochures, company magazines, etc. Two- or four-hole punching helps create handouts and documents ready for filing. Also available are different folding modes such as letter-fold, which speeds up the enveloping of invoices, mailings and such; offset sorting, mixplex/mixmedia, and sheet insertion, to structure extensive documents with chapter dividers.

Smart User boxes

The user boxes in our bizhub devices provide space on the MFD’s hard disc to store documents and scans. With this functionality, you benefit from instant availability of processed documents which can be printed at any time. This facilitates the sharing of scanned, printed, copied and faxed documents and provides instant access to documents such as price lists, terms and conditions and forms. You can set up as many as 1,000 user boxes, allocate flexible access rights and define boxes as public, for group use or private (with password).

Enhanced i-Option

With clever feature enhancements, the i-Option suite adds specific advanced functionalities to the MFD. The Web Browser option provides panel access to information and documents from databases or the intranet. This is your direct link to any web-based information and data, providing you with virtually unlimited options for use. Other features for the i-Option Suite includes – – Direct printing of web pages or linked PDF/XPS files – Protect generated PDF files with Digital ID encryption and digital signatures – Turn scanned documents into searchable PDFs – Create PDF/A documents which meets legal standards for digital archiving – Embedded barcode support for ERP systems.