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A Consultative Approach To Understanding Your Print Costs

Understanding and keeping control of your printing costs can be a major challenge. Actually knowing your true print costs, print volumes and real device requirements is harder than most people realise. Many businesses couldn’t even tell you how many devices they have, what contracts are in place or who is responsible for them. True print costs can be as high as 3% of annual revenue so needless to say a strategy to manage and control these costs is essential.

Print Management Audit

A Recommendation Based On Experience

The promise we make to our customers is simple: We will take the time to understand your print environment and create a solution based on facts and figures to save you time, money and effort. Our experienced team of consultants will work to deliver your project on time, within budget and with minimum disruption. We have worked with customers including Barclays Bank, Nuffield Health, EDF Energy, GE Aviation and many more.

Major Benefits


  • An in-depth view of your document activity
  • An accurate picture of your print related costs – paper, toner and output spend
  • ƒPotential cost savings of between 15% and 40%
  • Identification of workflow issues and areas costs can be reduced
  • ƒImproved business efficiency for administration, support and management functions
  • ƒIncreased user productivity and effectiveness
  • ƒReduction in your carbon footprint and wastage
  • ƒFull visibility of your print environment
  • ƒOngoing solution management and reporting
  • ƒTightened security

Helping You Print Less and Work Smarter

We like to think a little smarter than the average managed print company. We certainly aren’t a photocopier company – actually the device is just a small part of the solution we will provide.

We want you to print less and work smarter. Our print audit will help you identify where you shouldn’t really be printing at all. How many times have you printed off documents and distributed them to colleagues when actually you could have done this electronically? How many documents do you print and then simply file away on the shelf?

Keeping these documents in an electronic format saves on click charge, reduces paper and ink use, improves security and improves access. This can all be done by simply integrating either your current devices or your new devices with DocuWare. 

DocuWare on a Multifunction Device