Print Technology Tailored To Your Needs
Intuitive panel and complete ease of use

The control panel and graphic user interface guarantee consistency and are common features on most bizhub devices. So, once you have learned how to use one bizhub, you benefit from that knowledge and can easily adapt to other models. Many devices feature these large screens with intuitive touch functionality. Each touch screen can be tilted and turned to ensure excellent visibility from any angle. Thanks to the clearly structured screen layout with intuitive software including animated help, and familiar icons and guidance features. This device is very user friendly. Furthermore, individual functions and buttons can be added to the screen to support simple and straightforward operation.

Emperon™ Print Controller

The current generation of our very own Emperon controllers is the latest development in a versatile proven printing system that continues to provide seamless integration and advanced printing functionalities. Offering powerful print controller architecture and enhanced printing results, the Emperon technology is standard on nearly all bizhub office devices.

Simitri® HD – Proprietary toner technology

Konica Minolta is proud to be the industry leader in the development of polymerised toners. Used exclusively in our bizhub devices, Simitri HD polymerised toner guarantees excellent print quality, high media flexibility and the economic usage of toner and power due to its unique lower temperature fusing.

bizhub OP (Open Platform)

In order to create consistency and provide a functionality standard across its various MFD’s. Konica Minolta developed a common platform: bizhub OP. This unifies three core technologies: bizhub Architecture, a common structure of hardware and firmware to enable the portability of developments to the various systems; the Emperon print controller; and bEST (bizhub Extended Solution Technology). The core element of bEST is the OpenAPI which is Konica Minolta’s own interface for applications available on the MFD. With bizhub OP we can easily adapt functionalities to your individual requirements and integrate bizhub devices seamlessly into your existing workflows. In other words, it helps us create customised solutions that benefit you.

Industry-leading security standards

Security is an important aspect of corporate usability within a modern business environment. To reliably protect sensitive corporate information on internal hard discs as well as in the internet, Konica Minolta’s bizhub MFD’s offer the most comprehensive range of standard security features in the market and with that provide the sound basis for professional and highly individual security solutions.