ORS Group was established in 1988. We’ve been around for nearly 30 years – long enough to be considered as experts in document scanning and document management.

We’d like you to trust your documents with us, and here’s why we think you should:

Over the years we have been and still are trusted by some of the UK’s most highly regarded organisations. They trust us to handle their documents, processes their data and return their digital information securely. But why take or word for it? Some of the organisations we have worked with include:


What We Stand For

Quality, Security, Accuracy and Speed.

The quality of the digital images we return to you is incredibly important. We use Kodak production grade scanners and Kodak Capture Pro software to ensure even the smallest details are captured and the sharpest images are produced. Images are checked by our scanner operators while they are scanned and checked again during our quality control processes. You can read more about quality in this article.

The security of your documents is of paramount importance. We have taken every possible step to ensure your documents are as secure as possible. The highest security standards are always adhered to from the physical document collection right through to image preparation, processing and the return of your digital images. More detail on our security standards can be found here.

Accuracy of work is maintained by following the highest possible standards. We are an ISO 9001:2008(Quality management systems) certified business and this forms the basis for all of our working methods and procedures.


Businesses rely on accurate data for critical daily decisions and processes. Our document scanning bureau has the capacity to process over 15 million documents per month without sacrificing either accuracy or quality. Our fast turnaround times allow businesses to minimise the amount of time without their documents.


What Sets Us Apart?

Simple – we are much more than just a scanning bureau. Scanning your documents is just the start – its what you do with them afterwards that really counts.

There is so much more you can do with your digital images rather than just leaving them in a folder on a network drive. 

DocuWare stores all your documents, regardless of their source or format, in a secure and organised manner and in a central document pool. One search quickly locates related documents right from your desktop. Authorised customers and partners can use the internet to view the documents they need. Available as a cloud solution or an on premise installation.

DocuWare 3 Devices

DocuWare allows you to work with your digital documents from almost anywhere in the work and on almost any device.

Far More Than Just a Scanning Bureau

We don’t just stop at scanning services and document management software however. ORS Group offers a full range of services to assist companies looking to become “paperless”. Sometimes this is referred to as digital transformation and involves removing or drastically cutting down the use of paper documents in the workplace. This means storing and working with documents digitally, scanning rather than printing and cutting down or removing the need for paper mail.

Our experienced consultants can help you put in place the processes, hardware and software to make the paperless office a reality. This looks different for every customer, but essentially involves using a multifunction printer or scanner to digitise all paper that enters the organisation. The digital images created at this stage are handled by DocuWare to route them in the most effective and secure manner. The need to print becomes almost non existent and the efficiency gains and cost savings that can be achieved through this digital transformation process are significant and often deliver an immediate return on investment.

You can read more about our history here.