ORS Group was founded in 1988 and celebrates 30 years in the document management industry next year. Originally known as Optical Record Systems, in the early days work mainly focussed on microfiche and microfilm scanning with customers coming from the Ministry of Defence, a number of major high street banks, local authorities and Housing Associations to name but a few.

ORS Group Headquarters

As technology progressed, microfilm fell out of favour and the popularity of this service dwindled. The need to convert paper documents to digital images became far more prevalent and the document scanning bureau was born. Although a far slower process than today, the document scanning service is fundamentally the same today as it was back 20 years ago. 

The major difference these days is what happens to the digital images after they’ve been scanned. Electronic document management software has been around for years, but the popularity of mobile devices and cloud storage now makes it a must have rather than a nice to have product. ORS Group partner with DocuWare to offer customers the many benefits of a modern document management platform. These days our customers want to work with their documents in the office, at home or on the go via a mobile or tablet device.

These days the ORS Group Scanning Bureau is busier than ever, employing around 100 members of staff and processing around 5 million documents a month. Customers these days come from just about every industry sector with document types from just about every department imaginable. 

The company has gone through a few look and feel changes over the years and in 2014 made the official change from Optical Record Systems to ORS Group. 

Optical Record Systems and then ORS Group - Some look and feel changes